Nd:YVO4 is one of the most promising commercially available diode pumped solid state laser materials. It has high laser induced damage threshold and good mechanical in addition to optical properties. Its large stimulated emission cross-section and high absorption of pump laser make it a right crystal for pocket laser. Nd: YVO4 can produce IR green and blue laser by using minor different set-up. A broad absorption band centered at 808nm and favorable mechanical properties make Nd:YVO4 well suited for compact, efficient, high power diode-pumped lasers. Natural birefringence gives rise to a highly polarized output at 1064.3 and 1342nm.


Our capability:


Doping 0.07%~3%
Doping tolerance ±0.05%(atm%<1%),±0.1%(atm%≥1%)
Orientation A-cut/C-cut +/-0.5deg.
Dimension Tolerance ±0.1mm
Flatness λ/10 @ 632.8nm
Wavefront distortion λ/6@ 632.8nm
Surface Quality 10/5  per MIL-O-13830B
Parallelism 10″
Perpendicularity 10′
Bevel/Chamfer <0.1mm@45deg.
Chips <0.1mm
Clear Aperture >95%
Coating upon customer request
Damage Threshold 750MW/CM2 at 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz