Lense is the most basic optical components. It collects light from a source and refracts that light to form a usable image of the source.


MOK Optics expertise covers all key lenses:


Plano-convex lenses,  Plano-concave lenses,

Double-convex Lenses, Double-concave lenses,

Meniscus lenses,  Achromatic lenses,

Cylindrical lenses,

Ball lenses,

power lenses,

Rod lenses and other special lenses.




MOK Optics can process various optical materials, such as:

Optical colorless glass and color glass, including BK7,B270, SF grades, Fused Silica, different type of CDGM,SCHOTT,OHARA, HOYA glass.

IR crystals, including Germanium,Silicon, ZnSe, CaF2,Sapphire, MgF2, Quartz, etc.



Our capability:


Diameter Range 3mm-250mm
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.02mm
Tc tolerance +/- 0.05mm
Clear aperture >90%
Surface quality to 10-5
Flatness to λ/8@632.8nm
Centration to seconds
Coating According to your request