Optical crystal germanium(Ge) has excellent through performance in 2-14 microns band, They are widely used as the window of the thermal imaging system and optical components.Our company production of optical crystal germanium products have excellent uniformity infrared transmittance and refractive index, and can make window,lens and prism and other special shaped products according to customer needs.


We can also make Diamond like Carbon Coating(DLC coating) for Ge windows.



Major capability parameter


Growth method Czochralski method
Crystal structure M3
Unit cell constant a=5.65754 Å       
Density 5.323g/cm3
Melt point 937.4℃
Doped material No doped Sb-doped In / Ga –doped
Type / N P
Resistivity >35Ωcm 0.05Ωcm 0.05~0.1Ωcm
EPD <4×103∕cm2 <4×103∕cm2 <4×103∕cm2
Size 10x3,10x5,10x10,15x15,,20x15,20x20,
dia2” x 0.33mm dia2” x 0.43mm 15 x 15 mm
Thickness 0.5mm,1.0mm
Polishing Single or double
Crystal orientation <100>、<110>、<111>、±0.5º
Ra: ≤5Å(5µm×5µm)