CaF2 is an excellent material in laser optics field. It has very wide transmission range from 130nm to 9500 nm, especially, has the high transmission in IR range. CaF2 is widely used in Laser, IR and UV optics.



Major capability parameter


Density 3.18(g/cm3
Melt point 1360℃
Index of refraction 1.39908 at 5mm
Solubility 0.0017g/100cm(20℃∕水)
wavelengths 0.13~11.3mm
Hardness 158.3(100)
Flexible coefficient C11=164、C12=53、C44=33.7
Thermal expansion 18.85×10-6∕℃
Crystal orientation <100>、<001>、<111>±0.5º
Size(mm) Special size and orientation are available upon request
Polishing Single or double