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MOK Optics produce wide range of optical filters, including Bandpass filter, Narrow bandpass filter, Longpass filter, IR-cut filter, UV-cut filter etc.), which can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from scientific, beauty equipment, medical and analytical instruments to astro-optics and photography.

We are able to cut customzied dimension accorrding to custom’s requirements. Most of filters are available in stock. Welcome to check the stock status with us if you have the request for filters.




MOK Optics have wide range of  Optical Filters available in Stock



CWL: 610nm ±3nm

FWHM: 20 ±5nm


CWL: 760nm ±5nm

FWHM: 40nm

CWL: 850nm ±5nm

FWHM: 30nm ±5nm



Welcome to contact us to check the filter stock status.