Sapphire Light guide


Sapphire (Al2O3) crystal is a highly versatile material renowned for its exceptional properties. It possesses a high surface hardness, excellent temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, and impressive UV-IR transmittance. Additionally, sapphire exhibits remarkable chemical stability. These characteristics make sapphire an ideal choice for various applications.

At MOK Optics, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of sapphire optics, including Sapphire windows, Sapphire lightguides, Sapphire tubes, Sapphire domes, and custom-shaped sapphire optics. Our products find extensive application in IPL beauty machines, IR laser systems, high-temperature IR windows, and protection windows, among others.

One of our notable capabilities is producing ultrathin sapphire windows with a thickness as low as 0.15mm. We also offer optional anti-reflective (AR) coating on our sapphire optics. This coating helps to minimize unwanted reflections and enhance the overall performance of the optics.

With our expertise in sapphire optics and commitment to delivering high-performance, durable, and reliable products, we cater to the demanding requirements of infrared applications. Whether you need sapphire optics for their exceptional optical or mechanical properties, MOK Optics is dedicated to providing solutions tailored to your specific needs.