Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes by MOK Optics

MOK Optics is proud to offer our high-quality Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes, designed to meet the demands of a wide range of optical applications. These cubes are engineered with precision and coated to provide optimal performance in separating polarized light.

Key Features:

  1. Broadband Beamsplitter Coating:
    • The hypotenuse of each cube is coated with a broadband beamsplitter coating, ensuring excellent separation of light across a wide wavelength range.
    • This coating is designed to reflect the S-polarized component and transmit the P-polarized component with high efficiency.
  2. Anti-Reflective Coating:
    • The four outer optical surfaces are treated with an anti-reflective (AR) coating, minimizing surface reflections and maximizing light throughput.
    • The AR coating enhances the performance and durability of the beamsplitter cubes in various optical setups.
  3. Universal Applications:
    • These polarizing beamsplitter cubes are versatile and can be used in a variety of optical systems, including laser systems, imaging systems, and optical instrumentation.
    • Ideal for applications requiring precise polarization control and light separation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality optical glass for excellent clarity and durability.
  • Coating: Broadband beamsplitter coating on the hypotenuse and AR coating on the four outer surfaces.
  • Polarization Separation: Reflects the S-polarized component and transmits the P-polarized component.
  • Wavelength Range: Optimized for a broad wavelength range, suitable for multiple applications.
  • Dimensions: Available in various standard sizes with custom dimensions available upon request.


  • Laser Systems: Enhances laser performance by precisely managing polarized light.
  • Imaging Systems: Improves image quality by effectively separating polarized light components.
  • Optical Instrumentation: Ensures accurate light measurement and analysis in scientific and industrial instruments.
  • Fiber Optic Devices: Enhances signal clarity and reduces losses in fiber optic communication systems.

Contact Information:

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