Optical Prism

Prisms, with their flat polished surfaces, are essential optical components used for the refraction, reflection, or dispersion of light within various optical systems. At MOK Optics, we are pushing the boundaries of what prisms can achieve by incorporating non-standard materials, thereby enhancing and expanding their technical specifications and applications.

Characteristics Of Optical Prism

MOK Optics’ prisms are known for their excellent thermal stability. By utilizing total internal reflection, our prisms effectively avoid any loss of light within the optical path. Additionally, we manufacture prisms using non-standard glasses, which offer superior homogeneity, reaching up to H4 level. Whether it’s right-angle, rhomboid, roof, or penta prisms, our products can extend the design possibilities for a wide range of applications.

Thermal Stability: Ensures reliable performance under varying temperatures.
Total Internal Reflection: Minimizes light loss in optical paths.
Non-Standard Glasses: Higher homogeneity levels for improved optical performance.
Variety of Shapes: Includes right-angle, rhomboid, roof, and penta prisms.

Your Advantages Of Optical Prism

MOK Optics provides prisms at various stages of processing, including milled, polished, coated, cemented, or assembled. Depending on the quantity, size, and type of glass, we select the most appropriate processing method, whether it be CNC machining or pressing.

Versatile Processing Options: From milling to full assembly.
CNC or Pressing Methods: Tailored to meet specific production requirements.
Expertise in Cementing: Ensures precise and durable assemblies.
Flexible Production: Capable of producing from a single piece to large serial production.
Custom Coatings: All prisms can be coated according to your specific design needs.
MOK Optics’ commitment to innovation and quality makes our prisms suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. We leverage our extensive expertise and flexible production processes to meet the unique demands of our clients.

Applications Of Optical Prism

Our prisms are used across various industries and applications, providing solutions that enhance performance and reliability in optical systems. Whether for scientific research, industrial processes, or advanced technological applications, MOK Optics’ prisms are designed to meet the highest standards of optical performance.

By choosing MOK Optics, you gain access to a range of high-quality prisms designed to push the limits of what’s possible in optical design. Contact us today to learn more about how our prisms can benefit your specific applications. Regarding optical prisms, we also have different classifications. You can check the product page of our website for specific classifications and product introductions. On the optical prism page, we have introduced the product in detail.