MOK Optics Optical Lense Product Introduction

Overview of Optical Lense

MOK Optics provides high-quality optical lenses designed for optical scanners. Optical lenses are key components in scanners. Through precise optical design and manufacturing processes, they ensure that scanners can achieve high-resolution and high-precision image scanning in various application scenarios.

Product Features of Optical Lense

High-precision optical design

Our optical lenses use advanced optical design and manufacturing technologies to ensure that each lens has excellent optical performance and can provide high-resolution and high-contrast images. The surface of the lens is precisely polished and coated to effectively reduce light loss and stray light interference.

High-quality materials

Optical lenses are made of high-quality optical glass or synthetic materials such as fused quartz and fluoride glass, which have excellent light transmittance and durability and can provide consistent optical performance over a wide range of wavelengths.

Multiple specifications

Lenses of various sizes and curvatures are available to meet the needs of different models of optical scanners. We can also customize according to the specific requirements of customers to ensure that the lenses are perfectly matched to the scanner.

Strict quality control

Each optical lens undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure that it meets the highest optical standards. Our quality control process includes multiple inspection steps, such as surface accuracy inspection, light transmittance test and durability test, to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.

Application Scenarios of Optical Lense

Document scanning: High-quality optical lenses can improve the image clarity and accuracy of the scanner, suitable for document digitization and archiving.
Barcode scanning: Precise optical design enables the lens to effectively read various types of barcodes, suitable for logistics, retail and other fields.
Image processing: Used to scan photos, drawings, etc. to ensure the true restoration of the image and high-quality output.
Biometrics: In biometric systems such as fingerprint scanning, optical lenses provide clear fingerprint images to ensure recognition accuracy.