MOK Optics Capabilities: Scanner Windows

Scanner Windows

Scanner windows are transparent protective components widely used in various optical electronic devices such as scanners, passport readers, and other similar devices. These windows serve as the outermost surface, allowing light to pass through while protecting the internal components from dust, dirt, and damage.

First Surface Mirrors

A first surface mirror is a specialized type of mirror distinguished from traditional back surface mirrors. In a first surface mirror, the reflective layer is positioned on the front side (the side that light first touches), as opposed to being on the back side with a glass overlay. This design significantly reduces light loss and distortion during reflection, making it ideal for high-precision optical applications.

Silk Screen Print Windows

Silk screen print windows are customized to meet specific design requirements. These scanner windows can feature printed patterns or text, adding both functionality and aesthetic value to the product.

MOK Optics Capabilities

Toughened Windows (Tempered Windows)
Low iron white soda lime glass
Ultra white glass
Standard soda lime glass
Custom Dimensions:
Sizes ranging from 2mm to 600mm
Dimension tolerance of ±0.1 mm
Surface Quality:
Maintains a high surface quality standard of 60-40
Coatings Available:
Anti-Reflective (AR) coating
Oleophobic coating
Custom-made silk screen prints to meet specific design needs

Applications of Scanner Windows

Optical Electronic Devices:

Scanners: Protecting sensitive optical components while ensuring clear light transmission.
Passport Readers: Offering robust protection and clarity for high-usage devices.
Other Devices: Suitable for various devices requiring transparent, durable protective windows.

Precision Optics:

First Surface Mirrors: Essential for applications demanding minimal light distortion and high reflective accuracy.

Custom Applications:

Silk Screen Print Windows: Ideal for customized applications where specific patterns or information need to be displayed on the glass surface.
MOK Optics is committed to delivering high-quality optical components tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. With advanced manufacturing capabilities and a wide range of materials and coatings, we ensure that our products provide superior performance and durability for a variety of applications.

For more detailed information or to discuss your unique requirements, please contact our team. We are dedicated to providing innovative optical solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of your devices.