MOK Optics Beamsplitter Coatings


MOK Optics provides both Metal and Dielectric Beamsplitter coatings, designed for use across a wide wavelength range of 240nm to 2000nm. Our designs are tailored to meet specific requirements including reflection and transmission ratios, wavelength regions, angles of incidence, polarization states, incident mediums, and temperature sensitivity. We also offer low-temperature designs for components requiring processing at temperatures below 50°C.

Our beamsplitter coatings can be deposited on various optical materials, such as glass, plastics, molded polymer optics, semiconductor materials, fibers, and fiber optic devices. They are ideal for applications in medical imaging, laser alignment, laser attenuation, sensors, heads-up displays, and fiber optic devices.

Dielectric Beamsplitters

Our dielectric beamsplitter coatings are durable, non-absorbing, and designed to maintain consistent performance even under challenging environmental conditions. These coatings are particularly suited for molded polymer optics, metal TO caps with glass windows, and bare or terminated fiber ends. They are applied with high energy, resulting in dense films that resist moisture and offer excellent environmental properties.

Key Features and Customization

Low Temperature Designs: Suitable for components processed at temperatures below 50°C.
Optimal Performance: Designs are optimized to meet specific customer requirements, including reflectance and transmittance ratios.
Low Polarization Split: We offer low polarization dielectric beamsplitters to minimize the s-plane and p-plane reflection and/or transmission split produced at a 45° incident angle.
Maximum Performance: Custom dielectric coatings can be designed for plate beamsplitters or cemented cubes, with optional anti-reflection (AR) coatings on entrance or exit faces to enhance performance.

Custom Solutions

Our design team is ready to collaborate with you to meet your exact optical requirements. We provide theoretical curves of potential designs for your consideration and can expertly craft any beam splitter polarization requirements.

Contact Us

Reach out to our design team to discuss your specific optical needs and receive tailored solutions. We are committed to delivering high-quality beamsplitter coatings optimized for your applications.

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