Meniscus Lens: Versatile Optical Component

A meniscus lens is a type of lens with one convex surface and one concave surface, similar to the shape of lenses used in eyeglasses. This design provides both converging and diverging optical properties, depending on the curvature and orientation of the surfaces. The lens is thicker at the center than at the edges, allowing it to reduce beam waste and minimize spherical aberration, making it ideal for various optical applications.

Types of Meniscus Lenses

Positive Meniscus Lenses:

Description: These lenses have a convex side with greater curvature and a concave side with smaller curvature.
Applications: Suitable for applications requiring a small focal number (less than 2.5). They are also effective for focal numbers ranging from 2.5 to 10, where they help minimize spot size and enhance image quality.

Negative Meniscus Lenses:

Description: These lenses feature a concave side with greater curvature and a convex side with smaller curvature.
Applications: Often used in applications involving infrared materials with high refractive indices. They serve as alternatives to other negative lenses and are particularly useful in beam-expanding applications requiring minimal spherical aberration.

Meniscus Lenses from MOK Optics

Diameter Range: 3mm to 250mm
Diameter Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Center Thickness Tolerance (Tc): ±0.05mm
Clear Aperture: >90%
Surface Quality: Up to 10-5 scratch-dig
Flatness: Up to λ/8 @ 632.8nm
Centration: Up to 30 arc seconds
Coatings: Available with AR (anti-reflective) coating, HR (high-reflective) coating, and other coatings as per customer requirements

Key Features and Benefits Of Menisces Lenses

Versatile Optical Properties: Meniscus lenses offer both converging and diverging capabilities, making them adaptable for various optical systems.
Beam Quality Improvement: They help reduce beam diameter and minimize spherical aberration, enhancing overall optical performance.
Customizable Specifications: MOK Optics provides meniscus lenses with precise tolerances and high-quality surface finishes, tailored to specific customer needs.
Wide Application Range: Suitable for use in imaging systems, beam expansion setups, laser optics, and other precision optical applications.


Meniscus lenses are essential optical components known for their unique combination of convex and concave surfaces, providing versatile optical properties. Whether you need to minimize spot size, reduce spherical aberration, or expand beams, meniscus lenses from MOK Optics are designed to meet high standards of performance and customization. For more information or to request a custom lens, please contact us.

MOK Optics is committed to delivering high-quality optical solutions to enhance your optical systems’ efficiency and accuracy.

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