High-Quality Plano-Concave Lenses

A plano-concave lens is an optical lens with one concave surface and one flat surface. It has a negative focal length and is used in applications such as light projection, beam expansion, and increasing the focal length of optical systems.

MOK Optics Plano-Concave Lenses

MOK Optics manufactures a wide variety of plano-concave lenses optimized for the UV (ultraviolet), visible, and IR (infrared) spectrum. Our lenses range in diameter from 2.33 mm to 1000 mm, available in both coated and uncoated options. We also offer custom lens design services to meet specific application requirements.

Factory Standard Specifications

Shape: Plano-Concave
Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.05mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.05mm
Radius: ± 0.3%
Focal Length Tolerance: ± 1%
Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch-Dig (after coating)
Surface Flatness: λ/4 @633 nm
Centration: < 3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture: > 95% of central dimension

  • Plano-Convex Lenses: Best for focusing parallel rays to a single point.

            Plano-Convex lenses are the best choice for focusing parallel rays of light to a single point. Our plano-convex lenses are fabricated from N-BK7, UV fused silica, N-SF11,Germanium,Silicon etc


Dimension Tolerance: Factory Standard ± 0.05mm, Manufacturing Limit ± 0.01mm
Center Thickness Tolerance: Factory Standard ± 0.05mm, Manufacturing Limit ± 0.01mm
Radius Tolerance: Factory Standard ± 0.3%, Manufacturing Limit ± 0.1%
Surface Quality (S/D): Factory Standard 40-20, Manufacturing Limit 10-5
Irregularity: Factory Standard 1/4 Lambda, Manufacturing Limit < 1/10 Lambda
Centration (arc min): Factory Standard 3′, Manufacturing Limit

Material Options

We offer plano-concave lenses in a variety of materials, each with unique properties influencing performance:
Optical glass
Fused silica
UV fused silica
Infrared fused silica
Calcium fluoride (CaF2)
Barium fluoride (BaF2)
Zinc selenide
Zinc sulfide

Detailed Specifications

Diameter Tolerance: Determines the acceptable range for the lens diameter, crucial for fitting into mounts. Factory Standard ± 0.05mm, Manufacturing Limit ± 0.01mm.
Thickness Tolerance: Measures allowable variation in lens thickness at the mechanical axis. Factory Standard ± 0.05mm, Manufacturing Limit ± 0.01mm.
Clear Aperture: The diameter of the lens area meeting specifications. Factory Standard > 95% of central dimension.
Centration: The displacement of the lens’s mechanical axis from its optical axis. Factory Standard < 3 arc minutes, Manufacturing Limit < 1 arc minute.
Surface Quality: Indicates the presence of scratches, pits, and digs. Factory Standard 40-20 Scratch-Dig, Manufacturing Limit 10-5 Scratch-Dig.
Surface Irregularity: Deviation of the lens surface from the reference surface. Factory Standard < 1/4 lambda, Manufacturing Limit < 1/10 lambda.

Commitment to Excellence

MOK Optics is dedicated to manufacturing top-quality plano-concave lenses for various applications, including laser systems. With a wide selection of materials, stringent manufacturing standards, and the capability to create custom lenses, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers. Our lenses’ outstanding performance, combined with anti-reflection coatings and superior surface quality, makes them indispensable for reducing spherical aberration and achieving optimal results in various optical systems.

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