Cylindrical Lenses by MOK Optics

Overview of Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical lenses from MOK Optics are designed with differing radii in the X and Y axes, giving them a cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape. This unique design results in image magnification in only a single axis, making these lenses ideal for specific optical applications. Cylindrical lenses are commonly used as laser line generators, for adjusting image height, or correcting for astigmatism in imaging systems. Made from specified optical glass materials, our cylindrical lenses can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Key Features of Cylindrical Lenses

  • Single-Axis Magnification: Perfect for applications requiring magnification in just one dimension.
  • High-Quality Materials: Manufactured from specified optical glass materials to ensure high performance.
  • Custom Focusing Systems: Special focusing systems can be designed upon request to meet your unique application needs.


  1. Can be applied in laser line generation
    Cylindrical lenses generate precise laser lines for various applications based on their characteristics.
  2. Can be adjusted according to image height
    Cylindrical lenses can be used to adjust the height of images in optical systems
  3. Perform astigmatism correction
    Linear detector array: Focuses divergent beams onto a linear detector array
  4. Laser Diode Output Collimation: Use a pair of cylindrical lenses to collimate and circularize the output of a laser diode.

Positive Cylindrical Lenses

Positive cylindrical lenses are particularly suited for applications requiring magnification in only one dimension. Unlike spherical lenses, which focus incident rays symmetrically, cylindrical lenses focus in one dimension, making them ideal for:

  • Line Generation with Laser Diodes: Create precise lines for industrial and scientific applications.
  • Diverging Beam Focusing: Focus diverging beams onto linear detector arrays with high accuracy.
  • Laser Diode Collimation: Collimate and circularize the output of laser diodes using pairs of cylindrical lenses.

Experience the precision and versatility of cylindrical lenses with MOK Optics. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our lenses can enhance your optical systems.