MOK Optics Co LTD was established in 2011, we specializes in precision optical components fabrication within the photonics industry. With advanced design, manufacturing, and assembly technologies, as well as highly efficient production facilities, we have the capability to meet a wide range of customer demands, from simple to complex,from prototype work to volume production runs.


We possess advanced fabricating machines, including CNC Plano Milling machine, High-speed Polishing machine, Precision Polishing, CNC Grinding and Polishing machine, coating machine, and more. Our inspection instruments include Fujinon F301 curved laser interferometer, Plano laser interferometer, Goniophotometer, Centering device, Spherometer, Lambda 900 spectrophotometer, and others. As an ISO certified company, we have established a comprehensive QC & QA system to ensure consistent high quality and on-time delivery for our customers.

Optical components

We specialize in manufacturing custom optics  such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, and filters. These components are made from materials including optical glass (such as Schott glass, CDGM glass, and Ohara glass etc.), Fused silica, and IR Optics (including Germanium, Sapphire, MgF2, CaF2, ZnSe, and ZnS etc.).

Our optics find wide application in areas such as laser technology, medical, biotechnology, aerospace,  security, scanner, automative etc.

MOK Optics has built a strong reputation with customers worldwide. Our commitment is to provide high-quality products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and exceptional service. We collaborate closely with our customers to grow alongside them. Count on us as your dependable supplier for optical components.

Meet Our Team

Matt Wu

General Manager

Chris Chen

Sales Manager

Ashley Wu

Marketing Manager

Zhang Shuishun

Production Director