MOK Optics is a precision optical components fabrication expert in the photonics industry in China. We owns advanced optical engineering & manufacturing technologies. We specialize in custom optics, from simple to complex, from prototype work to big volume production runs, MOK Optics has strong capability to meet various customers needs.




Our advanced fabricating machine include CNC Plano Milling,High speed Polishing, Precision Polishing,CNC Grinding and Polishing,coating machines,Ultrasonic Cleaner etc. And inspection instruments include Zygo GPI 4 XP interferometer, Fujinon F301 curved laser interferometer, Plano laser interferometer, Lambda 900 spectrometer etc. We established a complete QC & QA system to guarantee our customer consistent good quality and punctual delivery.


Custom Optics


We specialize in manufacturing custom optical components for photonics customers. Our products include precision lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors, filters etc. with various of optical glass, IR optics, laser crystal materials, e.g. CaF2, MgF2, Sapphire, Quartz, Ge etc., which can be widely used for industrial, laser, security, healthcare, military, bio-technology applications.




MOK Optics owns great reputation in worldwide customers. We devote to offer high quality optics, good price, timely delivery, and excellent service to customers.


We are your reliable parnter for optical components.