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Potassium Titanyl Phosphate(KTP or KTiOPO4) is a nonlinear optical crystal, which possesses excellent nonlinear and electrooptic properties. Acombination of high nonlinear coefficient, wide transparency range, and broad angular as well as thermal acceptances makes KTP very attractive for different nonlinear optical andwavequide applications. Transparency band edges of KTP crystal are at 0.35 µm in UV and at 4.4 µm in IR region.Due to very high effective nonlinearity (d ~8.3 x d (KDP) at 1.06 µm) and excellent optical properties KTP perfectly suits as lasing material in various applications.


 Major capability parameter
 Crystal structure   Orthorhombic, space group Pna21,point   group mm2
 Cell parameters   a=6.404, b=10.616, c=12.814, Z=8
 Melting point   1172C incongruent
 Curie point   936°C
 Mohs hardness  5
 Density   3.01 g/cm3
 Color   colorless
 Hygroscopic susceptibility   no
 Specific heat   0.1643 cal/(g*°C)
 Thermal conductivity  0.13 W/(cm*K-1)
 Electrical conductivity   3.5x10-8 s/cm (c-axis, 22°C, 1KHz)
 Thermal Expansion Coefficients  x11×10-6

Specifications we can meet:

 Tolerance of cutting angle   △θ≤±0.25°,△φ≤±0.25°
 Tolerance of dimension  +/-0.1mm
 Flatness   λ/8 @ 632.8nm
 Wavefront distortion   λ/8@ 632.8nm
 Surface quality   10-5
 Parallelism   10″
 Perpendicularity   5′
 Bevel/chamfer   <0.1mm@45deg.
 Chips   <0.1mm
 CA   >95%
 Coating   Upon customer request
 Damage Threshold   750MW/CM2 at 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz


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